The Penfold family photoshoot in the CBD yesterday afternoon was so much fun! We started the photos at the graffiti in Newtown, and then we headed for the Mandela Bridge in Braamfontein. Johannesburg city photo sessions are seriously my favourite photoshoots to do.

At the graffiti in Newtown

I haven’t been to the graffiti walls in Newtown in quite a few months, so I was thrilled when Claire and Glenn said they wanted photos set against the brightly painted walls. I use a quiet street that’s literally covered in art. It’s an idea spot for families, because there are very few people that walk through that area and it’s relatively clean.

I’m so glad they also liked my favourite red gates, the colours are always so magnificent! Julia was so full of spunk. Yes, I took a “normal” photo of the family, but I just love her personality those this one speaks to me.

Although they wanted photos of the graffiti, this black wall and steel door is just ideal for photos of teens. I love the shadows on the wall in the late afternoon.

Fun family photos on the Mandela Bridge

Then we drove to the bridge. And you know how much I love taking photos there. We timed the shoot perfectly, so that we got to the bridge after the Braamfontein market closed. I plan it like that on Saturdays so that there’s less foot traffic across the bridge.  There’s nothing more frustrating that perpetually waiting for passersby… unless that’s what I’m trying to get in the frame.

The structure of the bridge is so perfect for photoshoots… and I was thrilled to have a few taxis driving past. Nothing says Johannesburg more than taxis on the Mandela bridge 😉

This one is my favourite shot of the 3 siblings… I love the interactions.

This was hilarious! The kids did not know what to make of the passerby who wanted a photo taken too!

I really enjoyed the warm, golden and windy afternoon in the city.


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