I met the Blumenow for a session of family photos in the park. They’re on holiday at the moment in Johannesburg for a short while, so I’m so pleased I was able to meet them today.

My word, Delta Park was so very different to what it looked like 2 weeks ago! When I was last in the park, there were fields full of gorgeous pink and white cosmos, and that’s what I was hoping for today too. But, the season is almost over so the cosmos patches were few and far between. I really need to remember exactly when to booked photos with cosmos flowers because there’s really only 3 weeks that they can be booked for.

I started the shoot in a new spot, because Nadine was worried that the kids would fade quickly if they walked a long way. Thankfully I remembered a pedestrian gate on a side of the park that I don’t normally park at. It worked brilliantly! We were so close to the locations we planned to use, and the family didn’t really have to hike through the massive park.

The 3 little boys were so adorable! I absolutely loved the way they connected with each other. All three of them seem to have the most amazing relationship… not just the older twin brothers.

I really love this!

Harley did make me work today… 3 year olds are always a challenge at photoshoots… but so endlessly rewarding when you get it right.


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