What an awesome way to start 2017! My first photoshoot for the year was a wedding proposal on the San Deck in Sandton over looking the skyline at sunset.

Jermaine first contacted me ages ago to chat about his idea, and when he was ready to book the shoot I was really excited.

One of the reasons this took so long to organise, was because Jermaine had to wait until the families all decided to travel to Johannesburg for a week. Both of them live in Durban!

The hotel had set out a gorgeous table in a quiet area on the deck, and had champagne ready for the moment. Jermaine waited for Shaunelle to arrive, and then when the time was right, her family brought her down from the hotel room…

In the end the planned sunset was a bit of a stretch. Even though the time was planned meticulously, the rain clouds appeared and kind of spoiled that idea.


They sat and had a conversation at their table before Jermaine stood up…

Awww I love these moments!

Oh such happiness! She said yes! And everyone on the deck applauded 🙂

And after a few moments alone, the family all came out of hiding to admire the ring and congratulate the couple.  There’s something so special about a dad and his daughter 🙂

Then it was time for some fun photos with the newly engaged couple.

After a few formal family photos, there was time for relaxed chats and champagne to celebrate.

With some snapchatting that had to happen too!

This wedding proposal was so very special with both families being present. It definitely put a smile on my face… and on the faces of all the other San Deck guests on Tuesday evening.


I think, no, I know, my favourite photoshoots are ones that tell a story, and wedding proposals are such amazing parts of couples lives. I’m so privileged to capture beautiful stories like this in people’s lives.

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