It was Sandy and Reale’s matric dance today, and they met me at Walter Sisulu gardens for a portrait shoot before the dance. It’s always fun doing matric dance photos! There’s so much excitement in the air, and they always look incredible… which makes the photos really easy to take.

The park was a great place to meet, because there were so many places we could use for locations. We did have to dodge quite a few other matrics having their portraits taken in the park, but thankfully none of the other photographers I saw seemed to like the spots I chose. That means that their photos won’t look remotely the same… which I like.

How gorgeous is Sandy’s dress? I just loved the gold detail on the bodice, and the soft white skirt.



sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-009 sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-010 sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-011 sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-014sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-002 sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-001


We ended the shoot in my favourite part of the park… I love this wooded section. It’s a pity the clivias have finished flowering though, if the shoot had been here 2 weeks ago the background would have been orange.

sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-021 sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-022

sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-017 sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-018

I think these shots of Sandy walking are my favourite.

sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-019 sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-020

Reale was fantastic as a model today 😉 his suave outfit worked so well against Sandy’s dress.

sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-023 sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-024

I really hope they’re having an amazing evening tonight.


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