Remember the barmi portraits I took a few weeks ago for Eitan? Well, yesterday was his actual barmitzvah and I was there for the photos.

Eitan’s mom, wrote such an awesome note on her booking form explaining how special the day was going to be, and it’s better explained in her words, than mine.

The 9th June 2016 (3 Sivan) is a very special day as it’s Eitan‘s Hebrew birthday. He will be called up  at 06h30 for an aliyah on this special day.
When the Torah is publicly read in the synagogue congregants are called up for an aliyah: the honor  of reciting one of the blessings over the Torah.
Traditionally, a boy is honored with an aliyah on the first “Torah-reading-day” that follows his  thirteenth birthday.
In order to receive an aliyah, one must be familiar with the procedure of being called up to the Torah and know the blessings recited before and after the reading.

It was a really early start to the day. I wanted to be there from the beginning, and not just for the time he was reading his portion, so I was there before 6:30am to make sure I captured Eitan putting on his tefillin. It was so special that Rabbi Herring helped him put the tefillin on, and his tallit.




Then the morning service started.




I knew his portion was going to start when the Torah was taken from the Ark by his brother… and travelled up to the bimah for the reading.



Eitans barmitzvah 001-2





And it was over as quickly as it started… and the Torah was put back into the Ark.


And then it was time for breakfast…

It was such an honour to be there, and to experience the barmitzvah like I did.

Mazeltov to Eitan and his family.

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