Oh I do love seeing families again! I last saw little Olivia when I took her newborn photos, and now she’s 8 months old! So crazy, but oh so cute to see how she’s crawling up a storm at home.

I just LOVE her big blue eyes 🙂



The bear was a gorgeous way to start. How huge is this teddy? They loved sitting on it, but I prefer the funnier shots that happened between the posed ones (promise Tarryn will get those too). I couldn’t believe how strong Olivia was, she was pulling Dylan along the floor while she was trying to crawl away from him.















This was the funniest… Dylan brought his water balloon gadget to show his sister, and she was more keen on pulling off the half filled balloons and wetting him! Then he turned the tables on her, and squirted the water all over her.






Don’t you just love this NASA space suit?! My boys would have loved a dress-up outfit like this one.


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