Mason is one year old… you may remember him from his birthday party I posted a few weeks ago, and from his christening a few months ago. Bianca started talking about Mason’s portrait photo session before he was one, and after a few postponements, I met them in the park yesterday for this shoot.

We hunted for the perfect location for ages. I drove to quite a few places that I thought would work, only for them not to be suitable at all. And then I had a brainwave on Friday… drove to this park on Sunday morning, and knew it would be the right place. We needed grass that was green, slightly long with dappled sunlight behind. Sounds easy… however… it’s so very dry in Gauteng right now, that finding any patch of green tall grass is a bit of a miracle.

These fields that we ended up using are normally marshy. I’ve never actually been able to easily take clients there… especially not busy one year olds! Sometimes luck is on my side 😉

The perfect field of grasses with the most perfect pathway just right for little one year old feet to not feel unsafe or unsteady walking along it. So perfect!







Then we found a field of dandelion under the trees! He wasn’t too sure about them at first, but it didn’t take him long and then he was asking for them to be blown.




The best way to end off any shoot is a bath of course. Especially when there’s a warm bubble bath ready in soft afternoon sunlight.









Happy days 🙂 it was an amazing photo session!


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