Sunday’s photoshoot with Alessio and Massimo in Newtown was just awesome 🙂 Firstly, it was a shoot with the graffiti in Newtown and the Mandela bridge… possibly one of my favourite locations in Johannesburg. Then, 2 little boys whose energy and funny faces reminded me so much of my 2 boys. How could I not have fun?

I’m pretty thankful we were able to actually get there! I completely forgot about the Cycle Challenge, and most of the roads in the area had been closed off for most of the day. Good thing that we started with the graffiti, because by the time we needed to drive over the bridge for the second part of the shoot, we were able to do so. Our timing was impeccable!

Massimo, who is 3 years old, wasn’t very keen in the beginning. But running in the street and having fun with his big brother Alessio was soon a far better idea than napping in the car.








They decided at this point that dancing would be fun.







We split the shoot into 2 locations on purpose… you know little boys cannot stay still in one place for long, and after 30 minutes they were already getting bored with this place! So, off to my favourite bridge we went 🙂

The boys loved seeing all the trains, especially when they spotted the police trains.










It was such a fun afternoon 🙂

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