I just love jacaranda time in Johannesburg, so I was so thrilled when Lauren contacted me and said she wanted to do a photoshoot in a street with flowering jacarandas.

Lauren lives in London, and was in Johannesburg with her daughter, for the weekend. She wanted a photo session with her friend Roz, and her twins. Just the girls… before Roz and her family emigrate.

The photo session turned out to be a celebration with cousins and friends, when Grace’s cousins joined the shoot too. I very nearly called this shoot… 6 little girls and the jacarandas!

It was fabulous taking photos of all the girls. I loved the energy… in fact I was pretty surprised at Grace’s good mood considering she’d only landed in Johannesburg that morning.

The jacarandas did prove a little tricky to find, because we needed a really quiet street because of the kids (and also because the streets are not completely in bloom in Jozi yet)… but with team effort and a lot of friends giving suggestions on Facebook, we found the perfect spot. So thanks to everyone for their suggestions.
























After the shoot under the trees, we all went to a coffee shop where I took more photos of the girls having milkshakes and colouring-in.

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