It was Gabrielle’s batmitzvah yesterday morning at the Bet David Progressive Synagogue in Morningside, and I was there to capture all the moments.

It had been raining overnight, and thankfully it was just cloudy by the time we needed to start doing portraits outside… and then while we were in the shul the sun started shining, and thankfully warmed up the weather… just a little. And although it was so very very chilly, Gabrielle carried of her gorgeous outfit with a beautiful smile.






I’m going to explain a little in my blog post, because I know I’ll get questions from my blog readers about what is going on…

I was quite in awe of Gabrielle and Rabbi Julia’s amazing connection. It was so clear during the batmitzvah ceremony how much the Rabbi knew about Gabrielle, and how much they meant to each other.

Gabrielle had this beautiful Tallis made for her ceremony, and I wanted to have some of her portraits with her Tallis at the ark, which is why the Rabbi is helping her with it.






Gabrielle’s little brother had been in hospital all week, so everyone was really thankful that he could make the special occasion.



After a few readings were done, the ark was opened and the Torah was removed by the Rabbi and passed through the family generations to Gabrielle.





Love this photos with her grandmother and uncle touching the Torah as she walked down the main aisle.









hehe love the throwing of sweets that happens right at the very end… her brother disappeared really quickly once they started pelting him 🙂


Thanks so much to the Rabbi and the family, for explaining where I could and could not walk during the morning, and a little about what to expect… this kind of batmitzvah was new to me. I loved every minute of it!

Mazel tov to Gabriella and her family!

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