It was Ethan’s barmitzvah yesterday, and for the first time I was present at the Chabad.  I couldn’t take the photos there of course, so Tyrone did them for me. What a privilege to be present for the actual ceremony for a change anyway… even though the photos from the men’s side in the Chabad are Tyrones’.

The simcha was a morning brunch and was held at the Sandton Shul Hall.  It was a stunning event with loads of incredible food, live music and lots of laughter and dancing!


































Barmitzvah: Chabad Strathavon
Simcha: Sandton Shul Hall
Second shooter: Tyrone Pershouse from Twilight Photography
Video: Arnaldo Mandell
Decor: Gideon
Music: Yochi
Food: Stan and Pete

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