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November 05

Posting this a bit late, but I was tired when I got home.  I went to the movies last night with Madelein, and we saw Eat Pray Love

Gorgeous.  Really, really enjoyed it.  It spoke to me in places, it really did.  I never actually finished reading the book, so unlike Madelein, I didn’t see the differences which suited me perfectly.

Have you noticed that there are less than 70 days left in my 365 project?!! I have to admit that I’ve skipped a few days, so I’ll be finishing it now in the middle of January 2011.

November 03

So you know I’m reviewing gadgets for Girl Guides… a girl’s tech review blog right?

Well, at the reviewers gettogether on Saturday, I was given a Samsung Wave to review.  I finally got my butt into gear this morning and managed to get it working… and I’ve been fiddling with it to get the thing setup with my email and contacts and twitter etc etc.

Connor noticed it as soon as I got to my mom’s house this afternoon, and within 2 secs had figured out on his own that it was touch screen and how to navigate… seriously not bad for a 3yo.  Then Bradley noticed… and started playing games on it.  I just love how techno savvy kids are!

PS.  there are loads of giveaways on the site on a regular basis, so register on GirlGuides to qualify, and join the Facebook page!

November 02

I got an invite to attend the Sunglass Hut launch of their summer range that was held at Sandton City this evening.  There were some really stunning pairs of sunglasses available… and one of the pairs was a Bvlgari pair with 18ct gold and encrusted with diamonds worth close to R100k!!

If I wasn’t lugging my camera around I would have been trying on the shades like these ladies

The event was like a who’s who of Johannesburg…  Jennifer Su and Janez
The Bvlgari sunglasses worth R100k.  Only 10 of them have been made.
The guys from 2Oceansvibe were at the event and hosting their live radio show from a booth.  It’s a HUGE pity we couldn’t hear any of it from there, and had to listen to pretty music instead.

Aspasia Karras, the editor of Marie Claire who told us about the latest trends

No, they’re not shop window dummies… they’re real people…

Was awesome being invited to a style event… thanks so much to SunglassHutSA for the opportunity

November 02

This pose where Bradley is thinking… was not a pose… I caught him as he was trying to answer a question.

He’s such a clever child! His teacher told Lance this morning that they tested all the kids in the class’ reading ability, and he’s reading with the ability of a 9 year 9 month old!! How awesome is that?!

See the full set of 2010 photo-a-day photos on my Project 365 Flickr Set.

November 01

There was much excitement around town today when the halo around the sun was spotted… and of course I had to RUN to my car to grab my camera.  Seriously wish I had a proper wide angle lens for it though, but I think you can get the idea.  The halo around the sun first appeared as a rainbow, but by the time I got back to take a photo, the rainbow had changed into this bright line around the sun.

I see the Wikipedia page explaining about the 22deg halo has already been updated with a photo of the halo from this morning.

See the full set of 2010 photo-a-day photos on my Project 365 Flickr Set.