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It was Sandy and Reale’s matric dance today, and they met me at Walter Sisulu gardens for a portrait shoot before the dance. It’s always fun doing matric dance photos! There’s so much excitement in the air, and they always look incredible… which makes the photos really easy to take.

The park was a great place to meet, because there were so many places we could use for locations. We did have to dodge quite a few other matrics having their portraits taken in the park, but thankfully none of the other photographers I saw seemed to like the spots I chose. That means that their photos won’t look remotely the same… which I like.

How gorgeous is Sandy’s dress? I just loved the gold detail on the bodice, and the soft white skirt.



sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-009 sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-010 sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-011 sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-014sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-002 sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-001


We ended the shoot in my favourite part of the park… I love this wooded section. It’s a pity the clivias have finished flowering though, if the shoot had been here 2 weeks ago the background would have been orange.

sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-021 sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-022

sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-017 sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-018

I think these shots of Sandy walking are my favourite.

sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-019 sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-020

Reale was fantastic as a model today 😉 his suave outfit worked so well against Sandy’s dress.

sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-023 sandy-and-reales-matric-dance-photos-024

I really hope they’re having an amazing evening tonight.



It was Keanu and Sofia’s matric dance on Friday night. They’re head boy and head girl at De La Salle Holy Cross College in Linden.

I met them in the afternoon at Morrell’s in Northcliff for a pre-matric portrait shoot… and family shoot. What a perfect location for portraits! I love using Morrell’s, there are just so many nooks and crannies to explore and use for photos. We used the Morrell’s Farmhouse for the portraits, and then walked across the road to the Manor House for the family photos.

Keanu and Sofia matric dance 001 Keanu and Sofia matric dance 002 Keanu and Sofia matric dance 003 Keanu and Sofia matric dance 004 Keanu and Sofia matric dance 005
Keanu and Sofia matric dance 007 Keanu and Sofia matric dance 008 Keanu and Sofia matric dance 011 Keanu and Sofia matric dance 012 Keanu and Sofia matric dance 014 Keanu and Sofia matric dance 015 Keanu and Sofia matric dance 016

The couple were going to arrive at the school in Maclaren… so of course we needed to take a few photos with the gorgeous car.

Keanu and Sofia matric dance 017 Keanu and Sofia matric dance 019

The tradition at the school, is the cars arrive at the school and the couples get to walk down a red carpet to the entrance to the dance. One of the best parts, is that the whole school is basically there to cheer them on and watch the fashion parade. It’s such an special way to start the evening.

Keanu and Sofia matric dance 025

Keanu and Sofia matric dance 027

The theme for the evening was Italian, and at the end of the red carpet, there was a passport control stand which was pretty cool. They got their tickets stamped and were frisked before they were allowed to enter.

Keanu and Sofia matric dance 028 Keanu and Sofia matric dance 031



February 07

I met Kyle yesterday, and had a ball taking portraits of him. It’s quite a departure from the more recent photoshoots I’ve been booked for, so it was a lot of fun having just one person for an entire portrait shoot, and taking photos of one man.

He kept saying in the beginning that he wasn’t really comfortable with the camera… but hey, I think I proved him wrong! It didn’t take long for him to realise that it wasn’t a painful process, and it was actually quite a fun thing to do.







I think this set with the white t-shirt and the wall is my favourite set from the shoot




His chocolate labrador, Apollo, was an amazing addition to the shoot. Kyle said that Apollo wasn’t keen on photos, but I think Apollo loved the walk and all the attention and was only too pleased to be with Kyle in the photos.









I met Gaby, Dylan and Joy at the Pretoria Country Club yesterday morning for a really special photoshoot. Gaby left for Amsterdam today, and wanted photos with her mom and boyfriend before she left the country.

It was so hot at the Country Club yesterday… we’re in the middle of another heat wave… but thankfully we found shade for the photos.

Gaby wanted photos at the aggies-panties with her mom, so we started under the huge trees with the beds of agapanthus.








Possibly my favourite 3 shots from the day…



We went to the club’s dam for some of the photos… what a gorgeous spot! It’s such a pity the water levels are so low though!



 It was an awesome memory making morning!

August 21

I love doing photoshoots for clients that have had shoots with me before 🙂

Lesedi contacted me a while ago saying she was back in South Africa for a while, and wanted to have more photos done. This time, instead of a shoot at a specific location, like we’d done the last time in Newtown… she wanted to do her photoshoot at her parent’s house in Midrand.

It’s such a fabulous idea to do a shoots at a place that has a lot of meaning, and now she’s going to go back to the US with photos done in a place that has a lot of meaning.

I loved the house with the dark grey walls… and an almost empty pool!! That pool was fun, although I could see that Lesedi could really not understand why I was so excited about it 🙂