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On Saturday evening, a group of friends from Roedean School met at Nikita’s aunt’s house for a cocktail party before the Roedean Debutantes Ball.

The colour theme for the pre-drinks event was rich with reds and purples filling the gorgeous garden. It was the perfect backdrop for the girls and their dates.


Turning 16 years old and celebrating friendship… there’s no better reason to book a photo session!

Best friends, Olivia and Kayla met me in a park this morning for fun shoot.  We chose a park that had a mix of gorgeous trees, some amazing stairs… and of course graffiti… it was the perfect setting for their photo shoot. I did make them walk across the park though, I’m sure at parts they thought I was a little off my rocker taking them to rows of odd trees… but those trees were completely magic once you got close to them 🙂 I love the little hidden gems in local parks, you just have to walk off the main paths a little to get the most magic settings.

 My favourite graffiti wall has been partially repainted!! Woohoo!! How cool is this new skyline?!


In the US, “senior” photoshoots are so very popular, I wish they were just as popular in South Africa, I LOVE taking photos of teenagers. I could very easily do more photoshoots like this one, I had a ball!



I had SO much fun at Saturday’s photoshoot with the Goodall family! We’d decided on the banking district in the CBD for the urban styled photo session, with the gorgeous old buildings and beautiful architecture, and then for a bit of variety we headed for Newtown and the graffiti.

Apart from all the streets that were closed off for various reasons around the CBD, the shoot worked out perfectly!! In fact, the closed off streets ended up being a blessing because I could stand in the middle of the road without worrying about cars running me over 🙂

This was one amazing family to shoot! There was so much laughter today, and they really seemed to enjoy the time together. Kyla and Tegan were just amazing models today and I really didn’t need to direct them too much.


It’s Ethan’s bar mitzvah in a few months time, so in preparation, we met up today for his portrait shoot.  Ethan is mad about sport… particularly cricket, soccer and boxing, so the photoshoot was organised around these sports.

The photoshoot was done at Wanderers Cricket Stadium, where he plays for the Northern Gauteng team.

We had a lot of fun playing cricket and soccer (or rather he played with his parents while I took photos) and then we did the more serious photoshoot 😉 Those photos will be posted after his barmi, but in the meantime… here are the action/lifestyle photos