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January 08

I love it when clients order photobooks in addition to the basic lifestyle package!

I delivered this book last week to the van der Merwe family, and remembered to take photos of the finished product before I gave it to them. If you want to see more of the photos from their shoot, check it out here.

It was possibly my favourite shoot of 2014, and when I gave them the book, they mentioned that the book and the photos are now the only memories they have of the farm because they’ve since sold it!

If you’re wondering, the book is a 24 page 20x27cm Elite Litho book with a printed hard cover and glossy pages. The cover is the last image, and because I’d taken photos with the kids holding up a board with the date and their name, there wasn’t any need for more text.







I’m absolutely thrilled with my new sample photobooks that I collected yesterday! Completely over the moon 🙂

I like to print new books every year so that the photos reflect my more recent work… and also because I like updating the style of photobooks that I deliver.

I printed 2 books and a small concertina folio to show off more prints and another cover option.

The first book is a 20cmx20cm Classic album (it has board lay-flat pages) so that I finally have a sample of a parents album because I’ve been struggling to explain how to fit a full wedding in 20 pages… so that’s what I’ve done 🙂 The cover of this book is black genuine leather with a window on the cover.





The second book, my favourite… is a 30x30cm Classic album (with board lay-flat pages).  It’s the standard size that most brides want for wedding albums. This one is covered in a beige linen with a window on the front.  It’s also available in a pale grey linen and a teal coloured linen too.



All books in my packages are available in these covers.

So, if you’re meeting with me to book your wedding soon, you’ll be able to check them out! There’s nothing I love more than having photos in print.


I’m slowly phasing out DVD’s, and in fact, from now on DVD’s will not be an option with lifestyle shoots.  So… this meant that I needed to get proper branded boxes for my USB/memory sticks that I deliver the photoshoots on.

My last few batches of memory sticks were delivered with black boxes that were branded by the company that supplied the USB’s… and I didn’t think they were nice enough.  So to cut a long story short, I LOVE my new boxes and matching memory sticks so much that I had to show them off! I think they are gorgeous 🙂

I’ve had small white linen-look boxes branded with my logo, and filled them with either purple straw or white strips of paper… and then the package is tied with ribbon.  Because I couldn’t decide on one colour, I’ve got a few options for delivery, and I’ll decide based on the shoot which colour to deliver.

What do you think?

January 03

I’ve just received our 2013 calendar that I print for the family, and I LOVE it!! This is the third year that I’ve done one… and you may think it strange that me… the tech geek… uses a paper calendar, but I love these A3 calendars hanging in my kitchen.  I actually use it only for school stuff. At the beginning of the year I transfer all events and weekly themes from the school newsletter, and this helps me plan  a little better.

One thing I do in the design of the calendar, is have the right child depicted in the month of their birthday… so Connor is in Feb, Erin in April and Bradley in May.  This year for July, I added the kids holding a birthday card they made for my dad’s birthday this year, and I added a photo of Elaine for her birthday in August 🙂

These calendars are awesome gifts.  The first time I did it, I printed it as a Christmas gift for my mom, and she loves having it in her house… and it becomes a talking point with guests in her kitchen 🙂

2013 family calendar

Looking at the images this year also makes me realise how my style has changed over 2012.


I’m thrilled to report that most of my brides now order a photobook or album as part of their wedding packages.  It’s so important that you don’t keep your images in digital form, and you actually get to print them in some form, and there’s nothing better than the tactile feel of a book.

A year ago most of my clients were mostly booking digital packages and then I did a lot of work with my packages and that’s changed. I think it’s partly got to do with the way in which I’ve now structured the packages and the way that I present the various options… more about that another day… because today’s post is about this gorgeous album that I collected yesterday for delivery 🙂

Mike and Ginny’s wedding was at the end of April, and you may think that this has taken a while to deliver, but I only send my books to print once my client is happy with the layout.  If you’re wondering about the designs of the pages that you can’t really see in the images… I believe that the albums need to be classic and timeless and that it’s about showcasing the images… so I don’t embellish pages with frills and curls etc, it’s about the images presented with white space… to make the images pop.  I also believe that it’s important for the books to tell a story (just like my photography does) and the story needs to flow from the beginning of the day to the end.

This wedding photo album is a Designer album with a personalised cover backed in black genuine leather, it’s 30x30cm in size and it has 60 pages.

… and this is how I package all my books (very similar to the way in which my DVD’s and memory sticks are packaged)

I really hope they like it as much as I do.