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On Saturday evening, a group of friends from Roedean School met at Nikita’s aunt’s house for a cocktail party before the Roedean Debutantes Ball.

The colour theme for the pre-drinks event was rich with reds and purples filling the gorgeous garden. It was the perfect backdrop for the girls and their dates.

February 27

Keyna is 7 years old, and she had her birthday party at Bounce in Woodmead.

I’ve take photos at a few of Keyna’s birthday parties, so it was awesome to see the family again. It was also great to see her friends again. I recognised so many of them from previous parties and it was lovely to see how they’ve changed and grown.

The kids were so very excited marching in a line to the trampolines.

It was actually very cool. They had their own Bounce lead who was actually quite incredible getting the rowdy kids to listen to instructions and stay on their own trampolines.

The party of kids were kept seperate from the other bouncers for the whole hour.

They had their own dodgeball arena, and then moved on to a netted off section on the main trampolines.

They finished off their session playing basketball.

And then it was time to eat! There was quite a spread of food for the partygoers… and of course there was cake too!

January 22

It’s not often that you get asked to take photos for someone’s 90th birthday celebration! Lee-Ann’s grandmother, Celia’s 90th birthday was full of family, laughter, music and dancing… just the way it should be.

I absolutely loved the afternoon I spent with the family. When Lee-Ann booked the shoot she said it “will be a typical chaotic Portuguese family get together with lots of noise and nobody sitting in one place for too long ;)”. It was just like that. So special and so full of life and laughter.

When I got there, her 11 great-grandchildren were playing on the grass while the rest of the family were catching up on news.

Ruby was fascinated by my camera. The finger prints were worth wiping off. I love this shot!

These are just a few of the family photos I took during the afternoon…

Celia and her children.

Celia and her grandchildren.

Our attempts to rally the great-grandchildren were valiant but so tricky to get right…

… I do love the chaos in this one 😉

And this is EVERYONE!

December 19

It was Talia’s 40th birthday last weekend and she celebrated with her friends and family at Milk Bar in Rosebank.

Milk Bar is in the new Keyes Art Mile, and was the perfect place for a chilled evening with amazing food and drinks.

Oh gosh I do love the look of this venue! I really need to go there for lunch with friends.

December 05

It was Zara’s 3d birthday party over the weekend. She had a Minnie Mouse themed party at Under the Oak Tree party venue in Bramley.

My word, there was so much to keep Zara and her friends really busy!

The kids had a ball playing in the sandpit and on the jungle gym. The “tree” in the middle of the garden was absolutely amazing! Inside was the most gorgeous play house with a full fitted kitchen and a sleeping ledge. There was a jumping castle and even a pirate ship jungle gym!

In the back corner of the garden, the kids could make a Minnie Mouse money box, and also decorate Minnie Mouse biscuits.

It was the perfect 3rd birthday party for a little girl.



Zara took part in all her party activities. She made a Minnie Mouse box with her cousin, and happily decorated biscuits too.
zaras-birthday-party-020 zaras-birthday-party-019 zaras-birthday-party-018 zaras-birthday-party-017
zaras-birthday-party-015 zaras-birthday-party-014

zaras-birthday-party-009 zaras-birthday-party-008

I did smile when I saw the boys on the one side and the 3 dads on the other…

What’s a party without a gorgeous cake?