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November 20

I met Nozi and her husband at Delta Park yesterday for their maternity shoot.  She had originally wanted a photo session under jacaranda, but the flowers are not in bloom anymore so we chose the park because of the forest sections.

Instead we found that some of the trees in the park had these gorgeous yellow blooms, so they were perfect for some of the photos!

We started the maternity shoot at my favourite steps. I love the textures of the steps. nozi-maternity-shoot-001 nozi-maternity-shoot-002

I really love the whispiness of the veld at this time of the year. From far it didn’t looks like it was long enough, but actually it ended up being perfect!

nozi-maternity-shoot-003 nozi-maternity-shoot-004 nozi-maternity-shoot-005

My favourite white tipped grasses were looking beautiful yesterday too. These grasses don’t last long, so again, perfect timing for our shoot.

nozi-maternity-shoot-006 nozi-maternity-shoot-007 nozi-maternity-shoot-008 nozi-maternity-shoot-009 nozi-maternity-shoot-010 nozi-maternity-shoot-012 nozi-maternity-shoot-013 nozi-maternity-shoot-014 nozi-maternity-shoot-015 nozi-maternity-shoot-016 nozi-maternity-shoot-017 nozi-maternity-shoot-018

It was such a great afternoon with Nozi and her husband. She was such a trooper considering I got her traipsing around the veld (and being 36 weeks pregnant).


October 03

I met Bronwyn and Lloyd at Delta Park on Sunday afternoon for a natural maternity photoshoot.

Bronwyn wanted a location for her maternity photo session that was earthy and natural. My first thought was the veld at Walter Sisulu gardens or somewhere in the Cradle of Humankind. Well, when I did the photoshoot last week at Walter Sisulu they were busy burning the veld areas, so that was out of the question. Then on Sunday morning, I drove to the Cradle to find a patch of veld that was accessible and suitable for light. That ended up being an impossible quest too. The quality of the veld is awful with the drought we’re experiencing!

As a last resort, I drove to Delta Park with my son, and made him traipse through the park looking for the perfect spot. Luckily he needed to walk a bit for Pokemon Go. And I LOVE what we ended up with. It really was worth the effort, don’t you think?

Bronwyn and Lloyd’s baby is due in December. Doesn’t she look just amazing?!

Bronwyn’s hair and make-up for the shoot was done by the ever amazing Candice at Candi Makeup


This piece of veld… was not even one of the place I found in the morning, I spotted it on the way to the location I’d found! And it was just perfect in the goldie soft afternoon light.

bron-llyod-natural-maternity-shoot-002 bron-llyod-natural-maternity-shoot-003 bron-llyod-natural-maternity-shoot-004 bron-llyod-natural-maternity-shoot-005 bron-llyod-natural-maternity-shoot-006

Oh how I adore these gorgeous trees in the park! They’re such a beautiful green colour at the moment.

bron-llyod-natural-maternity-shoot-007 bron-llyod-natural-maternity-shoot-008

I just love the name they’ve chosen for their baby girl, I can’t wait to meet her 🙂

bron-llyod-natural-maternity-shoot-009 bron-llyod-natural-maternity-shoot-010 bron-llyod-natural-maternity-shoot-011 bron-llyod-natural-maternity-shoot-012 bron-llyod-natural-maternity-shoot-013

bron-llyod-natural-maternity-shoot-015-2 bron-llyod-natural-maternity-shoot-016-2

June 19

I met Nishila and her family at Walter Sisulu gardens yesterday afternoon. We were supposed to have her maternity shoot last Sunday, but the weather was so miserable that I suggested moving it, and I’m glad we did. Even though the wind was icy, it was pretty warm and the sun was gorgeous! Nishila is 38 weeks pregnant, so we wouldn’t have been able to postpone the shoot again.

It was a perfect afternoon… also because surprisingly, the park was quiet.

Kieran was on top form, and seemed to love being in front of the camera. He didn’t complain once!

Oh he’s going to be such an amazing big brother. He said his baby brother could play with any of his toys, even his Optimus Prime!

















Nishila amazed me too. At 38 weeks pregnant, walking all the way to the waterfall! It’s not a short walk!



May 23

Oh how I love the little special photo spots hiding around Joburg!

I met up with Tracie, Mike and Hayden at the pine forest for a mini maternity shoot on Sunday afternoon. I last saw Hayden when he was 2 weeks old, and he was oh so very pleased that he was such a big boy for this photoshoot  😉

It was a perfect shoot. The light was perfect. Hayden was smiling, which is always fantastic when kids are at a shoot. And how gorgeous is Tracie looking??!

I think I’ll start with the last shots of the shoot for a change… by then the light was absolutely amazing 🙂 I think these are quite possibly my favourites shots this year.

Tracies maternity shoot 025

Tracies maternity shoot 022


Tracies maternity shoot 021 Tracies maternity shoot 019 Tracies maternity shoot 017 Tracies maternity shoot 014


Tracies maternity shoot 013 Tracies maternity shoot 010 Tracies maternity shoot 009 Tracies maternity shoot 007

Tracies maternity shoot 004

Tracies maternity shoot 006

Tracies maternity shoot 002


May 01

Paula and Mark are expecting their first baby in June, and I met them at their home in Parkhurst for a maternity shoot.

It was a relaxed natural shoot in their gorgeous home. Their dogs were very keen to be in on the action, especially when the biscuits made an appearance.


Paula and Mike lifestyle maternity 010

Hey when’s it going to be my turn?


Paula and Mike lifestyle maternity 016

Paula and Mike lifestyle maternity 020


Paula and Mike lifestyle maternity 022

Paula and Mike lifestyle maternity 024

Paula and Mike lifestyle maternity 027

Paula and Mike lifestyle maternity 030

Paula and Mike lifestyle maternity 031

Paula and Mike lifestyle maternity 032

Loved the hat display on the wall 🙂 it was a perfect backdrop


Paula and Mike lifestyle maternity 033

Then one of the cats decided that the photoshoot looked interesting and came for a quick cuddle

Paula and Mike lifestyle maternity 037

Paula and Mike lifestyle maternity 042 Paula and Mike lifestyle maternity 043 Paula and Mike lifestyle maternity 045

After the photos in the house, we went to a quiet street nearby to do have some fun under the rows of autumn coloured trees that line the streets at the moment.

Paula and Mike lifestyle maternity 049 Paula and Mike lifestyle maternity 057 Paula and Mike lifestyle maternity 058 Paula and Mike lifestyle maternity 059 Paula and Mike lifestyle maternity 060 Paula and Mike lifestyle maternity 056 Paula and Mike lifestyle maternity 052 Paula and Mike lifestyle maternity 054