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March 26

Jenny got this family photo session as a gift last year for her 70th birthday. We finally met up for a shoot yesterday afternoon at Delta Park.

The park is looking so amazing at the moment with huge areas covered in the most magnificent cosmos flowers. It’s such a perfect spot for photos right now.

Jenny mentioned that she’d chosen this particular part of the park because they had come here so often when the kids were young. Her favourite part is the lane of trees… but the cosmos really put on a show for her this weekend.

The bicycles were a genius idea for the boys. They loved riding them amongst the trees, and they were perfect props in the perfect blue colour too.

Rosie was really not keen on this photo idea, mostly because she wasn’t happy walking in the grass. Once we got her to a spot with no grass she was happy again.

I think this is my favourite shot. The boys were so keen to go adventuring through the tall flowers.

It was such a lovely afternoon with perfect weather! We had been watching the weather all day, because the reports said that there was rain expected. Thankfully it stayed away.

March 22

Benita’s family photos at Delta Park were postponed from a few weeks ago, but I think it was the best decision! Delta Park was absolutely magnificent this week! The park is starting to show off it’s autumn splendour. The trees have started turning golden colours, and the best part are the fields of cosmos flowers.

Fields of cosmos

My sister had instagrammed photos of cosmos earlier in the day, so I phoned her before I met the family to find out where exactly she’d taken the photo. I’d never seen a field of cosmos so spectacular in the park before.

It was so worth the hike!

I worked out pretty early on in the shoot that Lea was far more comfortable when I was far away from her and using my long lens. So very unusually, almost the entire shoot was done with my 70-200mm lens.

Are the flowers magnificent?

Under the autumn trees

We actually started the shoot at the autumn coloured forest. It really won’t be long before all the leaves are gone, and we had fun throwing some in the air.

Not bad for a two year old who apparently doesn’t like cameras 😉

I was taking photos of Benita and Gert, and turned around to see Lea watching them from behind a few grasses… sometimes the best photos are the ones that are unposed.

March 11

Roz contacted me a few weeks ago to book a family photoshoot. She wanted family photos in the park again, like we’d done 4 years ago.

I actually can’t believe I took their photos so long ago! It really doesn’t feel like it was 4 years.

Little Warwick was less than a year old the last time I took photos of him, so it was so fabulous to see the family again. It took older sister, Bethany, a short while to realise that I was actually Connor’s mom, and once she did we had lots of long chats about school and their campout that they’d just been on.

We met up in the same place as the last shoot, but I determined that this shoot wouldn’t look the same at all. We headed off in a different direction and didn’t use a single location that was the same as the last shoot.

How cool is this? They spotted the resident owls which are so very rare to see.

Warwicks cheesy grin was ever present, and he made me work hard to get more natural smiles… but one shot has to make it into the blog post 😉

Gosh, she’s getting big! I’ve known her for so many years, and as she stood like this, I could just see how much she’d grown up.

The light in the park was just magic today! It’s a pity the leaves are already turning yellow, but the colours are just gorgeous for photos.



It was such a fun afternoon walking around my favourite park. I love that the kids were so happy to explore where there was long grass and overgrown cosmos flowers!


March 05

I met Sam and her family in Meyerton yesterday morning. She wanted to organise a photoshoot on her dad’s farm, and the only day we could meet was on their very last day in South Africa. So, by the time this is published, they’ll be back at home in Switzerland.

Olivia was so awesome, and absolutely loved being in the photos. She was such a cool big sister too, and tried her very best to get Darcey to smile. I love this photo with Olivia trying to get her sister to clap hands.

It was Darcey’s very first photoshoot… and that’s always very special for me. Isn’t she such a little cutie?

The dogs were too funny. As soon as the family got together for a group shot, the dogs wanted to be a part of it. How awesome are they?

Olivia was pretty excited when I suggested using this row of trees… she hadn’t adventured out there yet, so it was thrilling!


February 26

I met Linda and her family at the park in Lonehill this morning. Family photos are so important to keep memories alive and to make new family moments, especially when part of the family doesn’t live close by. Tracy lives in Australia, and is going home soon, so these memory making photos will be very precious to everyone.

It’s been raining cats and dogs for days, so I was thrilled when we woke up to a misty sunny Johannesburg today.

The park however, was really soggy. The kids were squelching underfoot as they ran around after the ball. I’m so glad the family arrived with waterproof picnic blankets to sit on!


Hehe I do like this shot, even though there are no smiles. Keira may have been eyeing out Olivia’s baby, but within a few seconds of this shot, Liv decided that the teapot was a great thing to play with. Then Dylan jumped off the bench, and the tiny quiet moment was over.

I just absolutely LOVED Olivia’s blue eyes!

Olivia thought that walking Ruggles, the 3 month old puppy, was a great idea. Of course we went along with her brilliant idea. 🙂

Keira really was quite enamoured by her teapot 🙂

I think this is my favourite shot of the morning…