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March 19

I met Maria and Graham yesterday for their engagement shoot in the CBD. We were originally going to do their session at a hotel with pretty gardens, but I’m so glad they decided to rather get photos of the CBD and Joburg skyline.

You see, they’re getting married in the United States later on in the year and they wanted photos to remind them of Johannesburg. The other reason we used the CBD was because their wedding venue has lots of greenery and garden backdrops. It’s always great to plan a variation between engagement shoots and your wedding.

I was thrilled! If you’re a regular reader of my blogs, you’d know how much I love going into the CBD and on the Mandela bridge for photoshoots.

The idea was to start behind the Rand Club, but the road was blocked off for some kind of massive shoot. You always need a backup plan for shoots, so we headed to another one of my favourite buildings.

I absolutely love the colours in the CBD in the afternoon, and these old buildings are so much fun to work with.

Because they wanted to incorporate as much of the city as they could, I was beyond happy when taxis came flying down the streets.

Then we headed for my favourite… the Mandela bridge in Braamfontein. The sun was still extremely high and bright even though it was close to 5pm. It made for some interesting angles and I made use of the shadows cast by the bridge.

It was such a fun afternoon! A couple or engagement shoot in the CBD is definitely one of my favourite types of photo sessions.

January 05

What an awesome way to start 2017! My first photoshoot for the year was a wedding proposal on the San Deck in Sandton over looking the skyline at sunset.

Jermaine first contacted me ages ago to chat about his idea, and when he was ready to book the shoot I was really excited.

One of the reasons this took so long to organise, was because Jermaine had to wait until the families all decided to travel to Johannesburg for a week. Both of them live in Durban!

The hotel had set out a gorgeous table in a quiet area on the deck, and had champagne ready for the moment. Jermaine waited for Shaunelle to arrive, and then when the time was right, her family brought her down from the hotel room…

In the end the planned sunset was a bit of a stretch. Even though the time was planned meticulously, the rain clouds appeared and kind of spoiled that idea.


They sat and had a conversation at their table before Jermaine stood up…

Awww I love these moments!

Oh such happiness! She said yes! And everyone on the deck applauded 🙂

And after a few moments alone, the family all came out of hiding to admire the ring and congratulate the couple.  There’s something so special about a dad and his daughter 🙂

Then it was time for some fun photos with the newly engaged couple.

After a few formal family photos, there was time for relaxed chats and champagne to celebrate.

With some snapchatting that had to happen too!

This wedding proposal was so very special with both families being present. It definitely put a smile on my face… and on the faces of all the other San Deck guests on Tuesday evening.


I think, no, I know, my favourite photoshoots are ones that tell a story, and wedding proposals are such amazing parts of couples lives. I’m so privileged to capture beautiful stories like this in people’s lives.

November 29

Tony contacted me recently asking me to take engagement photos for him and Carol. It soon transpired that they hadn’t actually got engaged yet, and he wanted me to take photos of his actual proposal! A wedding proposal photoshoot is just so very special, so I was honoured to take the photos for them.

Carol had absolutely no idea what Tony had planned. She was only aware that it was a photoshoot.

We had planned it meticulously, and I could see that Tony was just waiting for me to give the go-ahead.




I knew after walking to the forest, that the best light would be in the veld. Natalie was only too happy to get out of their photos by then because the long grass was tickling her legs… and just like that we had a magic quiet moment for the two of them.


tony-and-carol-proposal-021 tony-and-carol-proposal-022 tony-and-carol-proposal-023 tony-and-carol-proposal-024 tony-and-carol-proposal-025 tony-and-carol-proposal-026

I don’t think Tony could’ve hoped for a better reaction!

Then it was time to show off the ring to Natalie 🙂

tony-and-carol-proposal-027 tony-and-carol-proposal-028 tony-and-carol-proposal-029

Tony wasn’t quite finished yet. He had a gift for Natalie too… isn’t that the sweetest?!

tony-and-carol-proposal-030 tony-and-carol-proposal-031 tony-and-carol-proposal-033 tony-and-carol-proposal-035 tony-and-carol-proposal-036



November 27

I met Cydne and Clayton at the magnificent Beechwood Gardens yesterday afternoon for their engagement shoot.

We were so very lucky with the weather. It was clear the whole day, and then it rained on my drive to the gardens. Luckily the sky cleared just as I got there! It did however mean that the ground was pretty wet, but that didn’t matter.

Beechwood Gardens is such a beautiful place! I’ve been dying to do a couple shoot there, after going there for a few events in the past. I could have spent hours in the gardens! There were just so many spots to explore, from the sunken formal garden to the lily ponds, the open grass, the old tennis court, and the most amazing veggie garden, this place is a treasure! It was so very special to have the whole garden all to ourselves.

We headed for the formal sunken garden first. I love the lane behind the garden with the benches and the pillars covered in rambling roses.

cydne-and-clayton-engagement-003 cydne-and-clayton-engagement-004 cydne-and-clayton-engagement-005 cydne-and-clayton-engagement-007 cydne-and-clayton-engagement-008 cydne-and-clayton-engagement-010

cydne-and-clayton-engagement-015There are the most incredible little pathways all over this garden. The hidden ones amongst the flowers were just perfect for a few shots.

cydne-and-clayton-engagement-017 cydne-and-clayton-engagement-018 cydne-and-clayton-engagement-019 cydne-and-clayton-engagement-020 cydne-and-clayton-engagement-021


The sun shining through these huge iron gates caused such gorgeous flare.

cydne-and-clayton-engagement-022 cydne-and-clayton-engagement-023 cydne-and-clayton-engagement-024 cydne-and-clayton-engagement-025 cydne-and-clayton-engagement-026

We ended the photo shoot in the formal vegetable gardens in front of the most gorgeous doors.

cydne-and-clayton-engagement-027 cydne-and-clayton-engagement-028 cydne-and-clayton-engagement-029 cydne-and-clayton-engagement-030

We couldn’t finish the engagement shoot without a shot of the ring 🙂
cydne-and-clayton-engagement-031 cydne-and-clayton-engagement-032

November 13

It’s always such a privilege to get asked to take photos of a wedding proposal, and it’s so much more special when it’s someone I know.

Yasser sits next to me at work, and has been planning his proposal to Shonese for months. I feel so honoured that he asked me to take the photos.

This was a proposal like no other. He lives on a cul de sac and arranging that the road was closed for a few hours. He organised a red carpet and a couch at the end of it. As you can see from the photos, it was huge affair with family and a few close friends present to witness the question being popped.

I think the thing that stood out the most, was the fact that they took the next step in their relationship surrounded by so much love.




It felt like we were waiting for ages, and every time a car came around the corner everyone got so excited.

yasser-and-shonese-proposal-010 yasser-and-shonese-proposal-011
I’m actually amazed that so many people managed to keep this a secret from her for so long. She had absolutely no idea! Her friend went to collect her and they were supposed to collect Yasser for a work function.


Once she reached the red carpet, her friends, family and Yasser’s family all said something to her before the walked down the red carpet. My word it was so emotional!







Yasser had a whole speech planned, but couldn’t speak in the end.


yasser-and-shonese-proposal-027 yasser-and-shonese-proposal-028


And she said YES!!




yasser-and-shonese-proposal-039 yasser-and-shonese-proposal-038 yasser-and-shonese-proposal-037

It was amazing afternoon with this amazing couple surrounded by their loved ones.