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February 21

Oh I do love seeing families again! I last saw little Olivia when I took her newborn photos, and now she’s 8 months old! So crazy, but oh so cute to see how she’s crawling up a storm at home.

I just LOVE her big blue eyes πŸ™‚



The bear was a gorgeous way to start. How huge is this teddy? They loved sitting on it, but I prefer the funnier shots that happened between the posed ones (promise Tarryn will get those too). I couldn’t believe how strong Olivia was, she was pulling Dylan along the floor while she was trying to crawl away from him.















This was the funniest… Dylan brought his water balloon gadget to show his sister, and she was more keen on pulling off the half filled balloons and wetting him! Then he turned the tables on her, and squirted the water all over her.






Don’t you just love this NASA space suit?! My boys would have loved a dress-up outfit like this one.


November 17

Sunday’s photoshoot with Alessio and Massimo in Newtown was just awesome πŸ™‚ Firstly, it was a shoot with the graffiti in Newtown and the Mandela bridge… possibly one of my favourite locations in Johannesburg. Then, 2 little boys whose energy and funny faces reminded me so much of my 2 boys. How could I not have fun?

I’m pretty thankful we were able to actually get there! I completely forgot about the Cycle Challenge, and most of the roads in the area had been closed off for most of the day. Good thing that we started with the graffiti, because by the time we needed to drive over the bridge for the second part of the shoot, we were able to do so. Our timing was impeccable!

Massimo, who is 3 years old, wasn’t very keen in the beginning. But running in the street and having fun with his big brother Alessio was soon a far better idea than napping in the car.








They decided at this point that dancing would be fun.







We split the shoot into 2 locations on purpose… you know little boys cannot stay still in one place for long, and after 30 minutes they were already getting bored with this place! So, off to my favourite bridge we went πŸ™‚

The boys loved seeing all the trains, especially when they spotted the police trains.










It was such a fun afternoon πŸ™‚

November 09

Mason is one year old… you may remember him from his birthday party I posted a few weeks ago, and from his christening a few months ago. Bianca started talking about Mason’s portrait photo session before he was one, and after a few postponements, I met them in the park yesterday for this shoot.

We hunted for the perfect location for ages. I drove to quite a few places that I thought would work, only for them not to be suitable at all. And then I had a brainwave on Friday… drove to this park on Sunday morning, and knew it would be the right place. We needed grass that was green, slightly long with dappled sunlight behind. Sounds easy… however… it’s so very dry in Gauteng right now, that finding any patch of green tall grass is a bit of a miracle.

These fields that we ended up using are normally marshy. I’ve never actually been able to easily take clients there… especially not busy one year olds! Sometimes luck is on my side πŸ˜‰

The perfect field of grasses with the most perfect pathway just right for little one year old feet to not feel unsafe or unsteady walking along it. So perfect!







Then we found a field of dandelion under the trees! He wasn’t too sure about them at first, but it didn’t take him long and then he was asking for them to be blown.




The best way to end off any shoot is a bath of course. Especially when there’s a warm bubble bath ready in soft afternoon sunlight.









Happy days πŸ™‚ it was an amazing photo session!


October 25

I met the Evans family yesterday afternoon in the most gorgeous jacaranda lined street in Emmarentia. This time of the year is so special in Johannesburg, and I’m so glad my clients are keen on finding jacaranda streets close to their homes for their photo sessions.

Two year old Evie wasn’t too sure about this crazy photographer, but she loved the idea of running in the street πŸ™‚ She much preferred that idea, than cuddling or even sitting with her baby sister. Thankfully there were really loud dogs close to where we were standing to sidetrack Evie, as well as birds flying over us… that got her talking.








Then we scooted up Melville Koppies for a few shots with the Johannesburg skyline in the background… oh I do love using this spot for photos πŸ™‚

It wasn’t the sunniest of afternoons, and it looked like a huge storm was brewing, so I’m really quite glad we didn’t stay there too long with the little ones, it’s not the easiest thing to clamber down that steep hill carrying babies


And then finally, we went to their home for a few portrait photos of 2 month old Isabella.





It was an amazing afternoon with Heike and her family πŸ™‚ and by the end, Evie was showing me all of her toys and Isabella’s teddy bears and a few books. I think she was quite keen on me staying to read to her and play for a bit πŸ™‚


October 19

I just love jacaranda time in Johannesburg, so I was so thrilled when Lauren contacted me and said she wanted to do a photoshoot inΒ a street with flowering jacarandas.

Lauren lives in London, and was in Johannesburg with her daughter, for the weekend. She wanted a photo session with her friend Roz, and her twins. Just the girls… before Roz and her family emigrate.

The photo session turned out to be a celebration with cousins and friends, when Grace’s cousins joined the shoot too. I very nearly called this shoot… 6 little girls and the jacarandas!

It was fabulous taking photos of all the girls. I loved the energy… in fact I was pretty surprised at Grace’s good mood considering she’d only landed in Johannesburg that morning.

The jacarandas did prove a little tricky to find, because we needed a really quiet street because of the kids (and also because the streets are not completely in bloom in Jozi yet)… but with team effort and a lot of friends giving suggestions on Facebook, we found the perfect spot. So thanks to everyone for their suggestions.
























After the shoot under the trees, we all went to a coffee shop where I took more photos of the girls having milkshakes and colouring-in.