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February 06

I was so pleased to go to Bronwyn and Nick’s house on Sunday afternoon to take photos of their newborn baby Rebecca.

Bronwyn chatted to me at work a few months ago and mentioned that she wanted natural photos of her family at home with no props and no naked babies. Well now, you know that’s just right up my alley!

I really enjoyed this shoot.

Caitlyn was in her element and was an absolute star! Taking photos of newborn babies and their little-big siblings is often a huge challenge. Two year olds are not known for sitting still for very long, but she really was amazing. She was so willing to hold ‘Becca and cuddle her until I got enough photos.

Baby Rebecca is only 3 weeks old, and was so alert during most of the shoot. She did have a short catnap in the middle, and was amazingly calm throughout.

I absolutely loved the light in the room with the big windows in the background.

Aww I just love baby feet!

I think this is my favourite shot of the day…

Isn’t she the cutest big sister?


January 19

You may remember Bronwyn and Lloyd from the maternity shoot a few months ago… well, I went to their house this weekend to take photos of their beautiful daughter Ava at home.

Ava is a month old and is so gorgeous. She’s really quite petite and was so lovely to cuddle!

Just before I left, we just had to get photos of the whole family in their garden… including their dog 🙂

December 20

Baby Daniel is two months old, and is so gorgeous! I met his mom and their family in Fourways over the weekend for his very first photo session.

The photo shoot was held at his granny’s home. Once Daniel fell fast asleep at the end of the photo session, the family had a champagne brunch.

I loved that idea for a Sunday morning… relaxed big family shoot and then  fabulous family gathering without having to drive anywhere.

The outtakes of these photos on the blanket are hilarious! I’ll have to get them added to Facebook.

Thanks for spending your Sunday morning with me, Daniel is too gorgeous.

November 28

I met Arushan on Sunday morning at his home in Fourways, to take his photos with his mom and dad. Baby Arushan is two months old.

It was quite an overcast morning, and he was fast asleep when I got there.

baby-arushan-001 baby-arushan-002 baby-arushan-003

I just love how babies fold their legs up.


How long are his eyelashes? And looks like I caught a small tear 😉

baby-arushan-005 baby-arushan-006
baby-arushan-008 baby-arushan-009 baby-arushan-010

He didn’t make a murmur when I picked him up to put him on the bed for his first photos. It didn’t take too long before he woke up and I was greeted with a big confused grin!


I just love his outstretched arms. Malini said that his arms were above his head in every scan photo too.


Aren’t his big eyes just adorable?! Oh and that hair!

baby-arushan-015 baby-arushan-016 baby-arushan-017 baby-arushan-018 baby-arushan-019 baby-arushan-020 baby-arushan-021 baby-arushan-022

It was a lovely morning spent with Dee and Malini. I really do enjoy cuddling with little babies.

September 26

When Kai’s mom Patricia contacted me in March to do this shoot, I was so taken by her story. Yes, I know, it’s September… but it’s taken this long to actually finally meet up for Kai’s first photoshoot.

I suppose it was also “kind of” good planning to do the shoot now, because it’s a year since Pat left ICU. When she completed the booking form, she said that the photoshoot was booked as a celebration for them as a family. You see, Pat went into multiple organ failure after giving birth to Kai, and she spent two and a half months in hospital.

That must have been so so difficult for everyone!

I’m so glad we eventually got to do the shoot.

It was a celebration of life… and Kai’s first birthday!



I loved being a part of the magical connection that this family has. These are the kinds of photos I absolutely love taking.

I think this is possibly my favourite image for the year so far…




Kai was so happy once we let him roam around on his own, he was so proud of himself walking around in the park, while his parents watched him explore.



You know what, it doesn’t matter when you do it, but the first photoshoot is always special 🙂 I had such an amazing time with this amazing family.