February 26

I met Linda and her family at the park in Lonehill this morning. Family photos are so important to keep memories alive and to make new family moments, especially when part of the family doesn’t live close by. Tracy lives in Australia, and is going home soon, so these memory making photos will be very precious to everyone.

It’s been raining cats and dogs for days, so I was thrilled when we woke up to a misty sunny Johannesburg today.

The park however, was really soggy. The kids were squelching underfoot as they ran around after the ball. I’m so glad the family arrived with waterproof picnic blankets to sit on!


Hehe I do like this shot, even though there are no smiles. Keira may have been eyeing out Olivia’s baby, but within a few seconds of this shot, Liv decided that the teapot was a great thing to play with. Then Dylan jumped off the bench, and the tiny quiet moment was over.

I just absolutely LOVED Olivia’s blue eyes!

Olivia thought that walking Ruggles, the 3 month old puppy, was a great idea. Of course we went along with her brilliant idea. 🙂

Keira really was quite enamoured by her teapot 🙂

I think this is my favourite shot of the morning…



February 06

I was so pleased to go to Bronwyn and Nick’s house on Sunday afternoon to take photos of their newborn baby Rebecca.

Bronwyn chatted to me at work a few months ago and mentioned that she wanted natural photos of her family at home with no props and no naked babies. Well now, you know that’s just right up my alley!

I really enjoyed this shoot.

Caitlyn was in her element and was an absolute star! Taking photos of newborn babies and their little-big siblings is often a huge challenge. Two year olds are not known for sitting still for very long, but she really was amazing. She was so willing to hold ‘Becca and cuddle her until I got enough photos.

Baby Rebecca is only 3 weeks old, and was so alert during most of the shoot. She did have a short catnap in the middle, and was amazingly calm throughout.

I absolutely loved the light in the room with the big windows in the background.

Aww I just love baby feet!

I think this is my favourite shot of the day…

Isn’t she the cutest big sister?


February 05

I took photos of Cherralle’s family a few years ago when Caitlyn was 6 months old. She’s now got a baby sister, so it was awesome to see the family again, and to see how Caitlyn had changed. We met to take family photos at Delta Park yesterday.

Delta park is looking gorgeous and green at the moment, and the grass is really long so there are many places to take photos.

We started on my favourite steps. It may look calm, but Caitlyn was far too excited about the promise of a forest adventure to sit still for long.

Then we headed up the hill to the long grass…

I love the movement in this… she just didn’t stay still for long, and I really wanted to capture her movement.

Caitlyn’s baby sister is three months old. Ava was so content for the entire shoot and was only too happy to be held by her big sister.

On the way back to the car, she found a long stick and decided that she needed to be fierce. Oh she was so cute!

January 30

I met Sonja and her family on Sunday for a photoshoot in Eagle Canyon. You know how I love capturing special memories for families, and this was extra special because they wanted it done before Toelie moved to Beijing on business for a few months.

So, it was even more important than normal, to capture awesome moments between all of them.

It was so much fun actually! We drove around the estate on a golf cart, scoping places on the golf course where four-balls had finished playing.

We started at a small forested area on the outskirts of the estate. The light was absolutely gorgeous under the trees! I think the family really thought I was absolutely nuts raving about the sunlight though the leaves.

Then we drove to the other end of the golf course to these beautiful trees on the edge of a dam.

I spotted these tall reeds on our way to another spot, and asked Toelie to go back to them. I could just see these photos in my head… I’m thrilled they worked out as I’d planned them. They’re my favourite shots of the entire shoot.

I could’ve actually spent the entire shoot there!

But then I spotted this winding pathway going down a hill, and knew that it needed to be used. We had a couple of seconds between two four-balls to get this right. I just love the negative space behind the family and the gentle curving path. It looks like they’re in the middle of nowhere!

It was such a fun afternoon on the edge of the golf course.

January 29

Outdoor photoshoots are the absolute best! I had a ball yesterday doing Karusha’s family photos in a forest.

We were originally supposed to do this shoot at the end of last year, but it was so rainy that weekend that we decided to postpone. In hindsight, it was perfect, because I just loved the length of the grass under the trees! That would not have been the same in December.

Vihan is two years old and had a ball in the forest. He loved running through the trees, rolling on the ground and chasing the butterflies that were fluttering around.

He arrived clutching a car in his hands, and within 5 minutes he’s forgotten all about it. The tall whispery grass and pine cones were much more exciting!

I think this is my favourite from the photo session. Bubbles are just magic!


It was such an exciting place for a 2 year old!

Oh hang on, here’s another favourite!

To give him a bit of a break from the forest, I took the family to a gorgeous willow tree that’s just perfect at this time of the year.