Marilyn contacted me last week asking if I had space this weekend for a family photoshoot. Now that’s unusual for me to say yes on such short notice… but I did have time available. We met to take photos of her family at Delta Park.

She’d originally asked for a shoot on Saturday morning, but thankfully we made it on Sunday afternoon in the end. Saturday’s rain was unbelievable, and it was so cold! The wet weather was evident in the park too. I had to stand on unstable rocks in the middle of a rockery space next to aloe trees to get these shots on my favourite steps!  The whole road in front of the steps was like a small dam.

There’s always a bit of excitement when I go to Delta Park for a photoshoot. This time a lady with about 7 dogs was screaming like a banshee as she walked after someone else that didn’t seem to have very social dogs. What a performance! She made such a noise as she walked through the park, and it seemed to be so ineffectual.

I haven’t walked to this big dam for photos in months. It was so beautiful this weekend! I’m so glad we made the effort to walk all that way.

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