I met Megan and her family on Sunday afternoon at Delta Park for family photos.

I had such fun with the boys in the park. They both commented at the end of the shoot that they really enjoyed themselves. Now that’s fantastic for boys! LOL!

It’s probably because I made it an adventure.

The adventure started on the steps. I’d taken a few photos before these ones… and then 2 dogs came to sniff around. Well, that meant that I was against the clock before the dogs came back for a few more cuddles, and the boys thought that was quite fun.

Then I got them to walk in the long grass to get to this tree trunk, which was a lot of fun to climb over.

Ok, this was a little too adventurous even for me. It’s going to be the last time I take a family to this gorgeous grove of trees. We had to clamber over loads of dead branches and thorns to get to this spot. But what a lot of fun for the boys!

By this time they were in their element, so climbing trees was a perfect idea! Actually it was their idea, and of course I played along. I love this perfect sun spot that Geoffrey sat in.

The whispery grass amongst the trees in the small forest were stunning! I love how this park changes so much every few weeks.

Swordfights with veld grasses were the perfect way to end the shoot.

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