I met up with Kim and her family at Walter Sisulu on Sunday morning for a big family photoshoot. It was a really bright morning and thankfully pretty warm after the freezing morning the day before.

I’ve taken photos of the family before, so it was so awesome to see how the kids had grown!

Emily absolutely loved her cute little dress and was only too thrilled when I asked her to twirl a bit.

Her sister Caitlyn really wasn’t too sure about me but did let me take a few photos in the end. Their little cousin Adrianne was just as adorable, and was really happy to smile at me when she was safe with mom.

I had a feeling that the bridge would bring Caitlyn out of her shell a bit and I was right. She LOVED the loud waterfall and river underneath her. It’s such an exciting place for a little one.

And then the magic fairy forest was just the perfect place to go to next!



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