Denice contacted me recently to organise a family photo session in the pine forest. It was 5 month old Logan’s first photoshoot!

I always smile when I meet people at the pine forest for the first time. Everyone is always surprised by the size of it. It’s really a tiny little forest, and as a result you have to be careful how you take photos in the space. So, I suppose the photos taken there are pretty deceiving. But it’s worth it, because the photos are magic every single time.

The kids always think the forest is magic. The size of the forest makes little difference to them, because the trees are so huge! It’s actually quite a fun space for the kids, and because they don’t have to walk far there’s not a lot of moaning that happens.

Isn’t little Logan cute? He’s not sitting yet, so a cushion was used under his blanket to give him a bit of support.

These brothers are going to be as thick as thieves in a few years time 🙂

The magic light happened just as we finished the shoot. I’m glad we had a bit of a break for Logan to get a bottle of milk… it gave the sun a little time to dip a little bit and create the golden light I was looking for.

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