Pieter and Tronel’s wedding at Die Akker¬†yesterday, on the other side of Pretoria, was so gorgeous!

The whole family got involved in this wedding, which was so awesome and made the day so much more special. Pieter’s mom made umpteen hearts, and long lengths of bunting that hung all over the place. His brother played the violin as they walked down the aisle… and then his dad was the officiant! How special?!

There’s something special about winter weddings. Granted, it’s normally warmer by now but we’ve just come through a hectic cold snap. The weather played along yesterday, but my comment is really about the photos you get in winter. There normally aren’t many green places to take photos in winter. However, I think the leafless winter trees are magnificent for photos because the focus is really on you rather than the vegetation. I really had a ball with Pieter and Tronel’s portrait session.

I loved the petals they used, it was part lavender flowers.

The couple did the flowers and most of the table decor themselves.

I got to Tronel’s honeymoon suite just as her dress was going on. It was perfect timing to see the end of the make-up and hair touchups.

The feelings of anticipation just before the bride appears, are always so awesome to be a part of.

Bicycles were a huge part of the decor for the day. Pieter and Tronel cycle together so it’s a big part of their lives.

After the ceremony, we all went to a small courtyard where the cake was cut for guests to enjoy before going into the reception. And then while I was taking photos of the couple, the guests were entertained with a wine tasting. I thought that was a fantastic idea!

Then it was time for some fun! The bridal party joined me amongst the winter trees for portraits.

Don’t you love the Lego boutonniere on Pieter’s waistcoat?

Dress: Tammy R Couture
Cake and favours: Steyn’s culinary school
Wine tasting: Glen Carlou wines

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