Gill contacted me a few weeks ago to book a photoshoot at home. She wanted a photo session to remind them of their home in Malanshof as they’re about to emigrate to Australia.

I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot! I absolutely love taking photos of families in their home environments. It’s proper lifestyle photography, and you get such a great snapshot of your life at that moment in time.

We started the photo session in the lounge, playing with Ava’s favourite toys.

Then we played a bit of her favourite game of hide and seek around the couch.

Then Frenry the cat joined us upstairs in Ava’s bedroom for a quick story.

Before we went outside to play a bit, Ava needed a snack. She really enjoyed her Squish fruit puree.

Ava thought the time outside pushing her toy along the driveway was the best idea ever!

I absolutely adored their cats! These two followed us around for the entire shoot, and even miaowed at us through the door when we were in the bedrooms. They really had such FOMO!

The family live quite close to a few walls filled with street art, so we walked there to take a few shots with the amazing graffiti. They’d had their maternity photos taken at the same walls, so wanted a few with Ava at the same place.

I fell in love with this amazing wall, so of course it had to be used at the end of the shoot.

I really was enjoying myself on this photoshoot. It’s a really cool idea to have a shoot like this at home if you want relaxed photos in your own environment.

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