I met Katelyn’s baby brother Michael for their photos at home in Parkmore this morning. I had taken photos of Katelyn when she was really small and it was awesome to see how much she’d grown.

Katelyn is so cute and really enjoyed the photoshoot! I was quite relieved because when I’d gotten to their house, Katelyn hid behind her mom when she spotted me. But when I asked her to sit on a wall that she’s never been able to sit on before, she realised how much fun it was going to be.

Little munchkin, Michael was a different story. At two years old, he was far more interested in sweeping with the big garden rake and his little broom. That’s why they’re in most of the photos. I really didn’t mind, I love telling the story of what the kids are really like at the time of the photoshoot. The broom just had to be in most of the photos because it’s his favourite toy.

He was quite happy with sit with his sister, as long as his broom came along.

I think this is possibly my favourite shot of the lot.

I just love his little jersey 🙂

He really took his sweeping seriously.

It was a really lovely morning playing the kids in the garden. It always amazes me that the hour photoshoot is just perfectly timed. Exactly an hour after starting, Michael decided he’d had enough of me and refused to have any more photos taken. And that was the end of the shoot.

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