A few weeks ago, Clayton and Cydne’s had their Star Wars themed wedding at Villa Tuscana in Midrand.

I took their engagement photos a few months ago at Beechwood Gardens so it was so cool to see them get married too!

I loved the Star Wars and Lego elements in their decor. Cydne’s mom made the most incredible origami elements that were on the tables, and the rest of the Star Wars elements were made from Lego.

How adorable are the Lego bride and groom on top of the one cake? The cake was actually also gluten free.


Thank goodness Clayton and Cydne wanted a First Look shoot before the ceremony, because it was raining gently while they got married and it got so very dark! I was really thankful that I’d already done the majority of the couple photos beforehand.

I really love First Looks! By the time the ceremony starts everyone is so relaxed because they know that everyone is ready.

After the photos, they realised that the Lego Star Wars ship that was carrying the rings had broken. A quick Lego build then took place before we headed for the ceremony.

The wedding ceremony took place in the gardens while lightning and thunder got closer and closer.

After all the family photos, we managed to get a few more couple photos before it got really dark and the rain really started falling.

Aren’t these awesome? As you came in, you chose an X-wing to demarcate your place at your table.

It was such an awesome day!

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