Roz contacted me a few weeks ago to book a family photoshoot. She wanted family photos in the park again, like we’d done 4 years ago.

I actually can’t believe I took their photos so long ago! It really doesn’t feel like it was 4 years.

Little Warwick was less than a year old the last time I took photos of him, so it was so fabulous to see the family again. It took older sister, Bethany, a short while to realise that I was actually Connor’s mom, and once she did we had lots of long chats about school and their campout that they’d just been on.

We met up in the same place as the last shoot, but I determined that this shoot wouldn’t look the same at all. We headed off in a different direction and didn’t use a single location that was the same as the last shoot.

How cool is this? They spotted the resident owls which are so very rare to see.

Warwicks cheesy grin was ever present, and he made me work hard to get more natural smiles… but one shot has to make it into the blog post 😉

Gosh, she’s getting big! I’ve known her for so many years, and as she stood like this, I could just see how much she’d grown up.

The light in the park was just magic today! It’s a pity the leaves are already turning yellow, but the colours are just gorgeous for photos.



It was such a fun afternoon walking around my favourite park. I love that the kids were so happy to explore where there was long grass and overgrown cosmos flowers!


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