Jenny got this family photo session as a gift last year for her 70th birthday. We finally met up for a shoot yesterday afternoon at Delta Park.

The park is looking so amazing at the moment with huge areas covered in the most magnificent cosmos flowers. It’s such a perfect spot for photos right now.

Jenny mentioned that she’d chosen this particular part of the park because they had come here so often when the kids were young. Her favourite part is the lane of trees… but the cosmos really put on a show for her this weekend.

The bicycles were a genius idea for the boys. They loved riding them amongst the trees, and they were perfect props in the perfect blue colour too.

Rosie was really not keen on this photo idea, mostly because she wasn’t happy walking in the grass. Once we got her to a spot with no grass she was happy again.

I think this is my favourite shot. The boys were so keen to go adventuring through the tall flowers.

It was such a lovely afternoon with perfect weather! We had been watching the weather all day, because the reports said that there was rain expected. Thankfully it stayed away.

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