I met Linda and her family at the park in Lonehill this morning. Family photos are so important to keep memories alive and to make new family moments, especially when part of the family doesn’t live close by. Tracy lives in Australia, and is going home soon, so these memory making photos will be very precious to everyone.

It’s been raining cats and dogs for days, so I was thrilled when we woke up to a misty sunny Johannesburg today.

The park however, was really soggy. The kids were squelching underfoot as they ran around after the ball. I’m so glad the family arrived with waterproof picnic blankets to sit on!


Hehe I do like this shot, even though there are no smiles. Keira may have been eyeing out Olivia’s baby, but within a few seconds of this shot, Liv decided that the teapot was a great thing to play with. Then Dylan jumped off the bench, and the tiny quiet moment was over.

I just absolutely LOVED Olivia’s blue eyes!

Olivia thought that walking Ruggles, the 3 month old puppy, was a great idea. Of course we went along with her brilliant idea. 🙂

Keira really was quite enamoured by her teapot 🙂

I think this is my favourite shot of the morning…



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