Keyna is 7 years old, and she had her birthday party at Bounce in Woodmead.

I’ve take photos at a few of Keyna’s┬ábirthday parties, so it was awesome to see the family again. It was also great to see her friends again. I recognised so many of them from previous parties and it was lovely to see how they’ve changed and grown.

The kids were so very excited marching in a line to the trampolines.

It was actually very cool. They had their own Bounce lead who was actually quite incredible getting the rowdy kids to listen to instructions and stay on their own trampolines.

The party of kids were kept seperate from the other bouncers for the whole hour.

They had their own dodgeball arena, and then moved on to a netted off section on the main trampolines.

They finished off their session playing basketball.

And then it was time to eat! There was quite a spread of food for the partygoers… and of course there was cake too!

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