Tony contacted me recently asking me to take engagement photos for him and Carol. It soon transpired that they hadn’t actually got engaged yet, and he wanted me to take photos of his actual proposal! A wedding proposal photoshoot is just so very special, so I was honoured to take the photos for them.

Carol had absolutely no idea what Tony had planned. She was only aware that it was a photoshoot.

We had planned it meticulously, and I could see that Tony was just waiting for me to give the go-ahead.




I knew after walking to the forest, that the best light would be in the veld. Natalie was only too happy to get out of their photos by then because the long grass was tickling her legs… and just like that we had a magic quiet moment for the two of them.


tony-and-carol-proposal-021 tony-and-carol-proposal-022 tony-and-carol-proposal-023 tony-and-carol-proposal-024 tony-and-carol-proposal-025 tony-and-carol-proposal-026

I don’t think Tony could’ve hoped for a better reaction!

Then it was time to show off the ring to Natalie 🙂

tony-and-carol-proposal-027 tony-and-carol-proposal-028 tony-and-carol-proposal-029

Tony wasn’t quite finished yet. He had a gift for Natalie too… isn’t that the sweetest?!

tony-and-carol-proposal-030 tony-and-carol-proposal-031 tony-and-carol-proposal-033 tony-and-carol-proposal-035 tony-and-carol-proposal-036



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