I met Nozi and her husband at Delta Park yesterday for their maternity shoot.  She had originally wanted a photo session under jacaranda, but the flowers are not in bloom anymore so we chose the park because of the forest sections.

Instead we found that some of the trees in the park had these gorgeous yellow blooms, so they were perfect for some of the photos!

We started the maternity shoot at my favourite steps. I love the textures of the steps. nozi-maternity-shoot-001 nozi-maternity-shoot-002

I really love the whispiness of the veld at this time of the year. From far it didn’t looks like it was long enough, but actually it ended up being perfect!

nozi-maternity-shoot-003 nozi-maternity-shoot-004 nozi-maternity-shoot-005

My favourite white tipped grasses were looking beautiful yesterday too. These grasses don’t last long, so again, perfect timing for our shoot.

nozi-maternity-shoot-006 nozi-maternity-shoot-007 nozi-maternity-shoot-008 nozi-maternity-shoot-009 nozi-maternity-shoot-010 nozi-maternity-shoot-012 nozi-maternity-shoot-013 nozi-maternity-shoot-014 nozi-maternity-shoot-015 nozi-maternity-shoot-016 nozi-maternity-shoot-017 nozi-maternity-shoot-018

It was such a great afternoon with Nozi and her husband. She was such a trooper considering I got her traipsing around the veld (and being 36 weeks pregnant).


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