I met Arushan on Sunday morning at his home in Fourways, to take his photos with his mom and dad. Baby Arushan is two months old.

It was quite an overcast morning, and he was fast asleep when I got there.

baby-arushan-001 baby-arushan-002 baby-arushan-003

I just love how babies fold their legs up.


How long are his eyelashes? And looks like I caught a small tear 😉

baby-arushan-005 baby-arushan-006
baby-arushan-008 baby-arushan-009 baby-arushan-010

He didn’t make a murmur when I picked him up to put him on the bed for his first photos. It didn’t take too long before he woke up and I was greeted with a big confused grin!


I just love his outstretched arms. Malini said that his arms were above his head in every scan photo too.


Aren’t his big eyes just adorable?! Oh and that hair!

baby-arushan-015 baby-arushan-016 baby-arushan-017 baby-arushan-018 baby-arushan-019 baby-arushan-020 baby-arushan-021 baby-arushan-022

It was a lovely morning spent with Dee and Malini. I really do enjoy cuddling with little babies.

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