I finally met Riley yesterday at Delta Park. Mike had booked this photoshoot a few months ago, and then Riley got ill… and then it was winter, so we decided to wait until it was warmer. It was great to finally meet him and take his first photos.

Riley is 6 months old and sitting, and actually, quite keen on standing assisted too. He was fascinated by the trees, dogs and the sounds in the park, he such an inquisitive little kid! I also did love that his parents speak to him in English and French, it’s going to stand him in really good stead as he gets older.

We met in my new favourite part of the park, and walked to my favourite forest-type area and then his mom spotted the dam. We headed to the dam to end the photoshoot with water in the background. The park wasn’t too busy yesterday, which was fabulous, so we didn’t have to dodge many picnickers.

It may seem like Riley was chilled during this photoshoot, but he made us work really hard for the smiles and giggles.

Riley was far too interested in the rustling leaves in the huge trees to worry about the photographer.

baby-riley-6-months-005 baby-riley-6-months-006

I just love this photo when he realised that his big teddy bear was cuddling up to him.

baby-riley-6-months-012 baby-riley-6-months-013

Don’t you just love his gorgeous grin?

baby-riley-6-months-018 baby-riley-6-months-019

There’s always such a fine line between babies settling into a new environment and becoming comfortable… and then being overtired. Glad we got it right this time 😉

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