Mikaylin is the cutest little 6 month old. Claudine dearly wanted an autumn shoot with red and yellow autumn colours for her 6 month shoot, so when it rained 2 weeks ago on the first date of the shoot we were all a little disappointed.

Thankfully the park behaved, and the trees still had a bit of their autumn glory yesterday for her shoot. The weather yesterday was absolutely perfect too! And to top it off, Mikaylin was in an awesome mood and played along perfectly with our plans.

The light was actually quite amazing, and within an hour, we went from yellows and reds to wintery colours in the veld… it changes so quickly!










These trees were such an awesome find! I just LOVE the colours!





As we were walking out of the forest area through the long veld towards to car, I looked back and spotted this small patch of red grasses glinting in the sunlight. It was so magic!






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