Georgia and her parents live in Botswana, and I did their family shoot in Cape Town! Liezl contacted me last year and the timing of her shoot while they were in Johannesburg didn’t quite work out, so the shoot in Cape Town was organised when we realised we were all going to be there at the same time.

I met them at the holiday home they were staying at in Bakoven, and the house was just perfect for the shoot! The shoot was the afternoon before Two Oceans, and Georgia’s dad Matthew¬†was also running the half marathon the next day. After experiencing the icy wind on the Muizenberg side of the mountain, where I was staying, it was awesome to spend a few hours on the warmer side of Cape Town!

Georgia, who is 5 months old, was in top form on the day, and was only too happy to smile and gurgle. She was only just learning to sit, so she concentrated really hard not to fall over when we sat her down… so so cute! It may seem silly to take photos of her like that, but that unsteady stage lasts such a short time.















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