Sienna and Erin’s mom Amy is a blogger, and she’s also the founder of The Grace Factory , and I’ve been chatting to her on Twitter for months! It was awesome to finally meet her IRL and to meet her little girls.  Sienna was born early, and spent a while in NICU… and I was following her story so closely via Twitter, so it was extra special to do her first photoshoot.

Sienna was so chilled during her first photoshoot yesterday

She smiled so sweetly 🙂 especially when daddy was around

Tummy time isn’t that bad 😉

Erin wasn’t too sure about the whole photoshoot idea, but I LOVE this series of photos I got with the two of them.






She’s such a curious little sweetie and was continuously tracking the camera around.



I think this one is my favourite… it’s definitely also going to be edited in black and white.





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