Michael is 2 months old, and his big sister Megan is 4.

I went to their house in Bryanston on Sunday afternoon to take photos of the family, and then after some photos in the bedroom, we walked to a local park for some more relaxed outdoor photos. The black and white photos were important for the family because these images will be added to their family photo wall in the dining room, and it only has monochrome framed photos in the collection. That’s why there are more black and whites than normal on my blog post.

Megan was so sweet and gentle with her brother.


Aww don’t you just love those squishy cheeks!




Rusty decided he wanted to be a part of the action, and hopped on the bed for a few family photos 🙂

Then it was time for some running fun in the park!

While a little man slept off the hectic posing session 😉







Megan soon got tired of sitting around, and took her bike for a spin… and then she spotted the dandelions! Oh how I love resourceful little girls 🙂 it was just perfect for a few portraits. The light in the park was just perfect!






Michael was a NICU baby, so Claire wanted a few shots with his neonatal t-shirt 🙂


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