Mikaylin is 3 months old, and is so adorable with her long hair and big blue eyes.

I also finally got to meet her mom Claudine, after being tweeting acquaintances for simply ages! I do love meeting people IRL after knowing them virtually.

I do not know what I was thinking when we booked the shoot, because for some reason I suggested Delta Park. Then yesterday morning, after reading all the emails we’d exchanged, I sent Claudine a tweet and suggested that we do the shoot at their house instead. And then after doing indoor photos in an environment that Mikaylin was comfortable in, we drove to a local park to get some photos outside. It was a much better idea than the original one. That row of willow trees was just perfect for the photos I had in mind.




Love babies holding their toes 🙂 I’ve been wanting a photo like this for ages, but you know, it only really works once the baby is 3 months old.




Their dog Max was awesome 🙂 he was a little boystrous around Mikaylin, but I managed to get one or two shots before she got upset with his fur.


Goodness this posing is tiring work for little ones 🙂


This… is exactly the shot I was hoping for 🙂













And by the end, Mikaylin, was really very sleepy and was fast asleep by the time I got them home.



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