I met Marisa, Shaun and Kyle at Walter Sisulu gardens for her maternity photoshoot on Sunday afternoon. It was a beautiful warm day without a cloud in the sky… although saying that, by the time we finished and the sun had dipped below the hills it started getting chilly… we timed it perfectly!

The gardens are always such a lovely place for photos, and this time I used the aloe gardens, the clivia forests and the veld. I’m so glad we left the veld until the end of the shoot, because the light by then was just perfect for some golden photos amongst the long grasses.

Kyle was only really interested in photos when he could hold up his “aeroplane-copter” sign 🙂


He’s going to be an amazing big brother

Testing out the light for his mom’s photos 🙂

















I always underestimate the distance to walk to the veld! I felt quite bad getting Marisa to walk all the way there (and Shaun too because he carried Kyle for most of the trek), but it was so worth while
















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