When Sam sent me an email a few months ago to book this shoot, I knew it was going to be special. I did a shoot for her a few years ago, and she’s since moved back to Johannesburg (from Dubai) to be with Coldron… in her words “the most incredible man and living a wonderful life – funny how it all works out…”

She wanted a shoot to capture them and their dogs, in their home, their veggie garden and at Delta Park, where they spend a lot of time walking their 4 beautiful dogs.

We started the shoot at their home, because it looked like a storm was looming, and then headed for the park.

The little puppy is a foster pup, that they’re hoping to re-home after being rescued. And in fact, Sam was telling me that all her dogs are rescue dogs. Kahlua the Jack Russell and Bailey, the white dogs described by Sam as a Dubai street rat, travelled with her from Dubai. The two pit bulls, Tanqueray and Dennis, have only been with them for a few months. I was so amazed that even though Tanq and Dennis haven’t lived with them long, that they were able to run around in the park off lead and stayed close to them and actually listened (unlike my dogs)!



The granadilla vines in their garden were a perfect backdrop for a few couple shots


Love this one 🙂






And then it was time for the park






Lulu loves chasing hadedas and flew across the park to try and catch them!












Goodness, and then the wind picked up and the rain started. By the time we got back to the car, the sky had opened properly, and we were all soaking wet!

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