This photoshoot was not so much of a couple shoot, but more of a couple with their pets photo session! Tinka and Benny were the stars of the photo session, and the location was chosen especially because it’s their favourite walking spot! It’s also one of my favourite photo spots with the most gorgeous views of Johannesburg, so I was thrilled!

I was so pleased, that although Natasha and John go there often with their dogs, I still managed to show them new places to walk their dogs… they’d never walked as far as I took them yesterday morning. As you can see, Tinka and Benny were much more interested in the view of the city, than they were in what I was doing 🙂
















Tinka and Benny are both rescue dogs, and they’re absolutely gorgeous! John had his hands full with Tinka whenever she spotted another dog… and Benny just wanted to say hello to everyone. Natasha literally ran after Benny as he was clambering around the rocks… she’s a lot more sure-footed than I am with my dogs!

Tinka perked up as soon as she spotted 3 dogs coming up over the hill… I love her attentive ears and her stronger taller stance






Natasha is always the lookout when they go walking, so she goes ahead with Benny to spot any dogs off leash, so that John can get Tinka away from temptation in time!

I LOVED the power lines!! The angles were just perfect for the shots I saw in my head 🙂





If we’d had this photo session an hour later, I would not have got such amazing blue skies 🙂

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