Jandru contacted me a few months ago to organise this shoot, and he was pretty clear about the type of location he was looking for. I was thrilled to do another shoot in the city amongst the graffiti and then on the hills overlooking Johannesburg.

I call these type of shoots “Whenever sessions” for a lack of a better phrase, although in Jandru’s case, his shoot had a reason… I love that people choose to do photo shoots as a celebration of changes in their lives 🙂

We met in Newtown, and took more formal photos in a grungy setting… I loved the contrast! My word, the area has changed so quickly. That shopping mall is going up so fast now, and the gorgeous graffiti is mostly under rubble now… you have to hunt to get good walls now! It was also exceptionally busy yesterday… the church on the road had a function, so there were literally hundreds of people in the streets. It’s definitely not the quiet spot that it used to be!

Then we went to my favourite hill overlooking the city. The grass was magic, and although it was cloudy, and the rain was starting to come down, and we didn’t get that golden light from the sun… the moodiness from the dark clouds were awesome!! I loved the dried flowers all over the veld on the hill.

Just as we were leaving I spotted this rock in amongst the grasses… I LOVE these with the skyline peeking from behind the hill.

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