Turning 16 years old and celebrating friendship… there’s no better reason to book a photo session!

Best friends, Olivia and Kayla met me in a park this morning for fun shoot.  We chose a park that had a mix of gorgeous trees, some amazing stairs… and of course graffiti… it was the perfect setting for their photo shoot. I did make them walk across the park though, I’m sure at parts they thought I was a little off my rocker taking them to rows of odd trees… but those trees were completely magic once you got close to them 🙂 I love the little hidden gems in local parks, you just have to walk off the main paths a little to get the most magic settings.

 My favourite graffiti wall has been partially repainted!! Woohoo!! How cool is this new skyline?!


In the US, “senior” photoshoots are so very popular, I wish they were just as popular in South Africa, I LOVE taking photos of teenagers. I could very easily do more photoshoots like this one, I had a ball!


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