Theresa and Greg got married yesterday at one of the most beautiful venues in Johannesburg, Glenshiel. It was the first time I’d shot there, and OMW I had a ball at the venue with all the amazing spots for photos. Glenshiel is a national monument in Westcliff in Johannesburg and it was built in 1908 and designed by Sir Herbert Baker. It’s such a gorgeous building with incredible gardens and it was the perfect setting for their wedding.

After having rain for 2 weeks, the weather played along with the wedding plans. There were a few drops of rain as we were finishing the couple shoot, and thankfully even that stopped and the evening turned out to be really gorgeous!

All in all, Greg and Theresa’s wedding was fantastic…. but you came here to see their photos right 😉

Theresa got dressed at home, and their very modern apartment was a perfect contrast as a backdrop for her portraits compared to the classic photos that we got later in the day.

The guests threw tiny fynbos flowers, instead of the usual rose petals, I LOVED that idea!

and then it was time to eat, drink and be merry


Second shooter: Kyle Goulden


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