It was Julie’s bachelorette a few weeks ago, and as part of the day’s events, I was asked to come and take a few photos of her and her friends at the house they’d rented in Bryanston for the day. This was quite a special event that they wanted to capture, because Julie is relocating with her husband to Lubumbashi in the DRC!

The time I spent at the house was amazing… there was loads of laughter and plenty of energy!  I should have actually titled this shoot “Fun with friends” it really was such a fun photo shoot! I loved the energy!

As you can see by her t-shirt, Julie is originally from Belgium… and the rest of her friends were from Belgium, France and Benin… and there was one South African in the mix.

I think renting a house for all your guests for the night of a bachelorette is a genius idea!

Venue: house found on AirBNB


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